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Wacker RD27 3 Ton Roller

Pressurized water system offers consistent water flow. An eight-position timer allows operator to adjust water flow and match conditions. Overall machine design eliminates overhang of unit. Easily manueverable units provide flush, right up to…

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Wacker M2500 Vibrator

The Wacker M2500 115V Concrete Vibrator Power Unit features a 2.5 hp electric motor. Ideal for foundations, walls, slabs and more. Motor: 115V 15 amp. Idle Speed: 17,500 RPM. Vibrator Heads: 1″, 1.4″, 1.8″…

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Wacker Rammer Compactor BS 60

The two separate tanks for fuel and two-cycle oil eliminate premixing, plus an amazing fuel to oil ratio of 120:1 allows for longer and cleaner running times…up to 100 hours on a single tank…

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Wacker WP 1550 Plate Compactor

Straight, center-mounted guide handle offers superior maneuverability and can be lowered within inches of the surface to operate plate under obstacles and form work. High inertia clutch with adjustable shims ensures smoother operation, longer…

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Wacker M2000 Vibrator

Lightweight, but rugged unit preferred by operators. Double insulated and grounded motor improves safety. Dual air filters extend motor life and allow for easier maintenance. High frequency and amplitude of the vibrator head on…

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